India-Paddling in Orissa

Am on a paddling trip in India and just got my first day in on the water. We paddled the last section of the Kassavadra River, from the Puri-Konark Marine Dr. bridge. I was with 2 friends, they were on a 11’6 SUP and I was in my Yukon Yak. One Girl named Loui from Sweden, and Pratap a young village boy who my friend Sanjay is teaching to work in the tourism industry, as well as getting him and other locals around here involved in the up and coming Indian surf scene. Sanjay is a good person to become acquainted with, as he has offered local support to help me with my goal of floating around in Orissa for a while. He is the president of the OSPA,Orissa surf and paddle association, but does not surf or paddle, and has some interesting ideas on developing paddling of all types here in India, because it doesn’t exist. I could not imagine what a pain in the ass things would have been like without his help, at least at the beginning. I am planning a much longer trip and the local knowledge he has offered me has been useful.The OSPA is also hosting India’s first surf fest with the surfing yogis who Sanjay is also in control of thru his surf camp outside of Puri, if you would like to check them out you can here.

We put in at the bridge (19.8km North of Puri) and paddled aprox. 10km to the mouth where the river meets the Bay of Bengal. wonderful time quiet and amazing views. Villagers throwing nets into the river and cows, goats sheep eating right by the water, all in all a calm super relaxing stoney float trip on a warm day in November. I am pretty sure it was the first time an Alpacka has been down it. One notable feature of the river was where the ocean and the river are separated by a small area of beach, its a pretty sweet spot. I am planning to do at least one more trip in this area, but will the be moving north, or south well see. I also have a you tube vid of the cool river ocean beach, it captures the mood.

this is it pretty much but the mouth was much different than it appears in this image.

Anyone else have any India packrafting stories/advice? Heading over in spring