In-pack Storage

Hey there, new to packrafting and as I waited for my yak to arrive I was looking at what everyone was using for backpacks. In recent years, I had got alot of lightweight gear: GoLite Jam50 pack, Marmot 15 degree Helium bag, Bibler bivy…I also have gear that I enjoy much more. As I work in the mountains here in MT, Ispend more time than most living out of a backpack. I also like to pack a 2 man tent for outings with my girl. I was wondering how I was going to add a packraft in to the mix. I ended up getting out an old Northface Stamina 70 pack, and I rolled the yak a little differently and it fit perfectly into the sleeping bag compartment at the bottom of the pack! I put a 55L drybag into the main compartment and stuck in my sleeping bag, Nemo Galaxi tent, Nemo CosmoAir with memory foam top(I told you I sleep outside ALOT) then clothing, food, raingear, paddle, and waders. With water in the camelback, I’m all in at 40lbs. Which for me is a pretty standard weight for weeklong trips, so weekend packrafting 40lbs will be no problem. I removed the top portion of the pack and trimmed extra doodads off, but the pack still weighs 4 1/2 lbs but has an awesome suspension and waist belt and has carbon fiber stays. I just thought I’d throw this info out there for anyone else looking at what pack to use, as info online is only about superlight expensive new packs. The pack also has plenty of straps to attach the raft externally if in a hurry or whatever. It just carries better having the weight in close to my back in the compartment. On the Alpacka site it says you can roll them however is reasonable, and I’m hoping this constitutes reasonable and doesnt damage the raft. Any insights would be appreciated.

On my last trip, I used a Barney’s frame pack, with dry bags strapped to it. Wouldn’t be best set-up for heavy bush wacking with the extra straps but rode well. Packraft, inflation bag, lifejacket and a few other items fit in a lightweight 35L dry bag to make it a better shape for strapping externally and protecting it from abrasion.