Importing affordable packrafts - 'buyers club'

A friend and I recently imported MRS packrafts directly from the manufacturer in China, at a significant saving. The manufacturer is prepared to give a 25% discount if we can organise an order of 10 rafts. MRS are already cheaper than Alpacka and of comparable quality. For comparison, the MRS equivalent of an Alpacka Yak with deck is USD800 instead of USD1150 (both plus shipping). If that were discounted a further 25% and with bulk shipping that makes a very affordable purchase.

Lots of detail and reviews on MRS’s distributor’s site (prices are a lot higher there, naturally):…/Universal:::43_65.html

Let me know if you are interested in joining the ‘buyers club’.

Hi, who is the manufacturer out of interest?



What about Koaro Packraft ?
They are made in N.Z, so you would not have to pay for customs, and I think the customer service would be much better.
1300NZD for the white water version.
Have a look :