Idol packrafters

A bit of fun when there’s not much water about.


Nice form with the backstroke Steve,you make it look easy.

Visionary … I’ve bum slid Mumbulla but never thought to raft it, and after seeing that I understand why

My Coccyx hurts just watching that Steve…Hope all you guys are well.

:slight_smile: I have three months off starting next week, so am up for a few paddles, just watch those clouds disapear.

Batch I know your out there paddling so where are the reports. video/pics??

Hah … you’re on to me !. Have some pics on flickr now so no excuses, just did a fun trip on the Shoaly over Anzac weekend and will have something out there soon… not much vid , haven’t progressed past stills much yet. Haydn and I also paddled in NZ in March which was stellar as well. Look forward to catching up soon !

All I know is he did a good job of trying to drown me on the bidgee and the Shoaly trip was the perfect short and easy Packraft trip. Both were to his credit his ideas. On shoaly no technical paddling but plenty of moving water. A hill or two. A bit of navigation.and the kms of dirt road never felt like we were road bashing. Hassle him some more.

DaveF which stretch of the Shoaly did you paddle?