Iceland video

Hi guys,
Thought you might enjoy this short (4 minute) video I made about a recent crossing of Iceland by packraft:

hi alastair,
extremely cool adventure, extremely cool video.
just one question: what aircraft is lacking the lifevests now;)

we did discuss that it would have been cheaper just to steal our aircraft life vests!

I agree, it is pretty professional! Both the video and the trek. Iceland is indeed a “cool” place to go :slight_smile:
What camera Equipment did you guys use? Courious how much time it took you both filming and editing.


Very nice work. I love the photo of the nose sticking out of the hotspring on your site… Many other good ones in there too.

What video camera did you use? We’re looking at updating our old-school 2007 tech for our next expedition.

Hi all,
We used two kinds of camera:
Canon 5D Mkii for the main filming. I strongly believe that this camera is the future of short films. It is harder to use than a normal video camera and expensive though.
GoPro Hero HD for the water scenes. All packrafters should go buy one of these today! (Including Roman whose videos originally inspired me to buy a packraft). They are awesome.