Hunting packs for packrafting

Has anyone tried fitting large hunting packs through the cargo fly of an Alpacka Raft? I’m especially curious about the nice packs with frames like Kifaru, Exo, or Kuiu. Frame width should be the limiting factor. (These aren’t the full-body-width external frames of the old days.)
For example:

I haven’t tried this in person, but I’m pretty sure you could get those inside. You would need to take care to pack them such that you wouldn’t have a pinch point.

May I ask why you are considering these packs? I think the Seek Outside or Superior Wilderness Designs packs are going to be a way better solution for packrafting expeditions. If you want to buy one pack for hunting and make sure it will work for packrafting, then I think these should serve you well.


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Hi Robin, thanks. Right, I’m looking for a big load-hauling pack for both hunting and packrafting expeditions (60-70 lb). The Seek Outside packs look great, but their frames look really wide. I like the SWD Big Wild too, but am not sure if 70L is really big enough for a full whitewater packraft setup plus camping gear and multiple days of food.

The seek outside break down super nice and easy, so the width is only an issue on the trail. I didn’t find the unaweep 6300 too wide for bushwhacking.

Let us know what you end up going with and how it works I’m the boat!
I made myself a 90 l pack that seems to work great for me so far, but isn’t expedition tested.


SWD makes a 90l version if you ask them. I agree on size!

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I have the K3… great pack. The eco K4 just came out too. I have not put it in my forager yet but I did read on rockslide of a guy putting one in there. They packs fold down real tight when empty.