Hunting and Packrafts

For discussing the use of packrafts in hunting, both as an actual tool or as a way to carry out meat…

So I have used my Alpacka Llama for Duck hunting on a few occasions with fair success. I’ve chosen a river in WA that is too small for normal boats and is on public land. I float down the river in total silence and then when birds fly I am able to generally shoot them down into the water and retrieve them from the river.

There is one major problem with this approach, which is the fact that when you don’t paddle, the raft spins as you go downriver and it’s very difficult to manage both a paddle and a shotgun at the same time. Someone suggested that I tie a long, heavy rope to the back of the boat in order to stabilize the stern, but I haven’t tried it yet. I might also look into a Velcro keel as suggested in the fishing topic…

Anyone else tried anything like this?

I have never even considered hunting from my pack raft but good for you. I have used it on a sheep hunt and I’m glad that I came out skunked because as it turn out I flipped the boat and barely got myself and gear to shore safely.
I did manage to get back in the saddle and had a great float out, sure would have hated to lose all that precious sheep meat.
The risks of solo activities for sure!

Hi Guys,
That is awesome that you utilized the packraft for some duck hunting in WA. That is definitely on my to-do-list. I utilize the pack rafts for hunting and fishing all the time. I have just developed a breakthrough in using the pack raft for hunting ie… gun/rod storage, meat storage. Im putting together a video hopefully this week. Ill be posting it and others to soon.

Stay tuned.

Jon D
Seattle, WA

Try front loading your pack or a dog…or about 60 lbs. This helps keep it from fish tailing on the float.

larry bartlett

I hunt from my packrafts all the time in Alaska. I thought about packing this caribou for a short ride, but it’s leg was injured and it seemed a little hungry for milk…


I too hunt from my packraft from time to time and Alaska region is my favorite. The night time though pretty risky is fun. Make sure you have a good pairs of batteries and night torch for your use. I bought some of those at affordable rates from a store in Auckland. Their site:
Enjoy your ride and have fun, after all it’s all about right timing these days.