Hunter Valley / Newcastle

Hi everyone.

I have just joined the forum.

I do a lot of kayaking.

But my best ever holiday was rafting the Franklin with World Expeditions in Dec - Jan 1993 - 94. An eleven day rafting trip that included a walk to Frenchmans Cap. My brother in law that was and still is in charge of the release of water from the hydro said that the Frankling came up to 9m whilst we were on it. We were apparently the only tour to make it out. Lots of portages and big water. Others had to walk or be choppered out. Even made the local news.

I am looking at getting a packraft and get into it. Also try to get my kids involved. Kayaking is too sedate. I am craving some excitement as I get older.


I am wondering if anyone does any trips near the Hunter Valley / Newcastle, or knows of any decent water to paddle? I know there is some up Barrington Tops but need some direction as to places to put in and get out.

Thanks in advance.

Lizardboy (Gus) has done some rafting up that way but he is away in far flungplaces atm, he may pipe in when he gets back in a few weeks



G’day bigfoot, I’ve been up the Barrington Tops a couple of times white water kayaking with rented gear from the folks at BOAC. The last trip was a few year ago admittedly but I’m looking at getting a packraft hopefully soon to get into it a bit as well. Barrington River is the go. Last trip I did was from Cobark Crossing down to the Cove which is just below the Steps (this has now reopened for camping as well). There’s a fairly isolated stretch in the top section through a gully for a few km’s. I remember them saying something about hard to get in to for rescue etc but it was a great day on the water. Up to class 3 rapids from memory, but I could be wrong there. The other trip on the same river which was a bit more sedate was Bindera down to the Barrington River Lodge (shown on google maps), fair amount of flat water toward the end of that one though. Hope that helps.

Thanks for the info Wallite.

I was intending on doing a guided trip to find out where they go. But you have just answered my question. Cheers

These sound like some pretty awesome trips. Let us know how it went when you return. Thanks.