Hornaday RIver, NWT

14 Day trip: 28 June-11 July 2022. Chartered into “Canoe Lake” and finished trip in the Hamlet of Paulatuk, where I could fly commercial out. Paddled 132 miles and hiked around the canyon 51 miles. Could easily have done more hiking but I opted to get back on the river below the canyon. Very remote and stunning scenery. River (outside of canyon) varies from a few class II rifles to swift current to flat water. Hiking on dry tundra was fabulous. Upper river quite shallow so an early start is needed to avoid low water. Canoe lake was ice free the day before I put in which is about average. The trip was almost entirely within Tuktuk Nogait National Park, which requires a full permitting process. Biggest unexpected challenge was the HEAT! Be prepared for 32 C! Be prepared for snow as well! For questions please contact me at icepilot139@hotmail.com.

@croebuck this trip looks like a great solo adventure! Thanks for sharing your report.

Did you do need a supply drop or manage to pack all your food? Any signs of polar bears?

51 miles is burly portage! That canyon looks stunning, especially the falls.

@APA_Sarah, I planned the trip quite tight with no supply drop. At the last minute I managed to coordinate a supply cache with Parks Canada. That gave me some peace of mind with a few extra days safety buffer. Zero sign of polar bears, especially so early in the summer and so close to the hamlet of Paulatuk. Did not see any Grizzly, but signs were there. I loved the hiking as much as the paddling!