hig and Ellen on British Television

Last night Ben Fogle a British Television presenter visited Hig And Ellen and went packrafting with them, on Channel 5. Most viewers would have been surprised at the versatility of little boats that look like inflatable seaside toys. It will have shown a small noticeable part of the British public that packrafts exist. Congratulations! you came across well. I could explain how you might cut down leaning trees more safely but most viewers would just be impressed with your DIY bravery. Alaska came across as Scotland wrote large.

Erin… It’s Erin!

That apart, I was at a friends house and as one of their children changed the TV channel, I suddenly shouted, “That’s Erin and Hig!”, and asked the child to switch back to the channel I’d just seen a fleeting clip of.

Alas too late!

Whilst I’m eternally grateful that I don’t own a TV, I’d like to have seen this, and would appreciate if anyone could point me in the direction of where I may view a copy.



i don’t have a telly either but got the program on …


it’s available at this link until april 2014 …enjoy…