Help Needed From Melbourne/Victorian Packrafters


I am looking to purchase either an Alpacka Yukon Yak or Denali Llama but have only seen pics and would like to at least sit in these two before proceeding to puchase.

I am in Middle Park but travel to Cental Victoria, East/South Gippsland and Geelong area a few times a year. So, if you think you can assist (in exchange for a bottle of red or white), please PM me.



Hi Peter, just got your voicemail.
Unfortunately, I don’t own the Alpaca Brand of Packraft. I have one of the NRS packrafts which are VERY different to the Alpaca brand.
I haven’t had the opportunity to use it much yet, really just been playing about on grade 2 water getting a feel for the boat and practicing some skills. Haven’t really done any packraft trips though.
If you are keen for a paddle, give me a shout. Generally best to email me …

I’ll be back in Melbourne, with my yak, in October if you haven’t had the chance to check one out by then.

Thank you for your responses.

Mark, I’ve sent you an email.

Richo, thank you for your offer and if I haven’t seen a Yukon Yak by October, I’ll take you up on your offer.

Hey Peter, I have an Alpacka here in Melbourne which you are welcome to take a look at - would prefer beer:)