Hello and thanks

Hi all,
I have owned a packraft for about 6 months and I just thought I would re-visit the forums for some ideas for a future trip. I would just like to thank people who have posted vids pics because they inspired me to buy a one. Few questions How many packrafts do you guys think are in Australia?? I have not seen any around and judging by the funny looks I get when on the water most people have not either. Is it true that I wont be able to use it at the artificial white water place in Penrith? I recently took some friends out on a trip down the Shoalhaven River we took an Denali Llama, a Sevylor Bali and a $20 Explorer from K-mart. It was interesting to compare the pros and cons of each craft in easy grade 1 and 2 rapids. Ill post some pics when I figure out how.

Hey Kent, I think I have been responsible for the purchase of at least 8 or 9 for Alpackas in the last year or so, sadly no commision or discounts even :cry: I think there are probably only about 30 or so in Oz at the moment but numbers are growing, I get at least an email a month asking my opinion etc as I post a lot about them on the various forums (fishing and bushwalking ones mainly).

Climberman (Jules) and I are trying to organise a whitewater safety course specific to Alpackas here in Australia, Penrith knocked us back with a list of reasons and will not allow them to be paddled there :angry: . We have trainer in Canberra putting a training course together at the moment, we hope to run it soonish. As it happens Jules is another Wollongong resident!!



Welcome aboard. I’d love to see some pics of the shoalhaven - where did you put in / take out ?

We would be keen to do something like that if it eventuates. As to a location, Goolang Ck (next door to me) is the Whitewater centre for Kayking NSW, not sure if that’s of any use ? It’s advantage is that it takes the feed from the hyrdo station, so not so weather dependent. Plenty of camping, or on site cabins.

and it’s close for me :slight_smile:


Rob, the manager there, has seen our packrafts (albeit not in action)