Heads up - Cataract Canyon/Canyonlands NP

Just off a great post-rainstorm 3 day Salt Creek - Hite trip. We had a chat with a river ranger who stopped and checked our gear and permit. He told us that Canyonlands NP has loosened rules a bit for Packrafts, but is considering what to do about packrafts in the future as they feel that packrafters are not playing by the rules and abusing the park a bit. Key points: If you plan to float in the park, you must have a permit. And the gear requirements for us are a little looser than for “regular” river trips, but as of today the rules written on the website are not quite right and are in the process of changing. I suggest call and chat up the Backcountry Permit Office before going to get the latest beta and help ensure our continued access to the river.