Have anyone tried Packraft with micro trolling motor?


I am more of fisherman then rafting alone. Would like to know is there anyone tried small trolling motor or 2hp outboard motors with Packraft?? The reason is I need to get from island to island, many times around the island in the coastal area.

Kind souls. :nerd:
If you have tried it. Please recommend me some information. For outboard motor, how to hang that out?? Tie to some where?? Or simply hand-held? :slight_smile:

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Michael Seah

Now that’s interesting! A micro trolling motor. Well I had a bit of a think on this and came up with the possibility of using the rear tie loops on your packraft to mount a support for your motor, heck a two by four might even work or a shaped cutout of 1/2-3/4 marine grade plywood rounding and sanding and sealing all the edges so you don’t poke yer boat. And don’t forget the lightest possible motor you can find. On full size rafts and the Alpacka Dory you can mount an oar frame in the center of the raft so I don’t see why you couldn’t mount a motor frame to the back of your raft. You might have to mount some weight up front to help balance the raft, then again you’ll need somewhere to stick the battery and well, between your legs up front might be the only place. Don’t forget to seal the battery somehow as I’d sure hate to hear you got a shock somewhere delicate.

Seamus Mills

How about a 18V battery drill with a small shaft/prop? They use them for skateboards. You would have control of speed, steering and Oh! should probably have a lanyard on it, so you don’t drop it in the river :laughing:

I initially thought your post was an April 1st joke!

As you seem intent on using THE best personal watercraft with motorized propulsion, you may as well consider buying a garden device for trimming grass and weeds, I think that in the U.S. they’re known as Weed Wackers, some have telescopic, adjustable length shafts and angled ends on which you could fit a small propeller in place of the cutting blade.

These trimmers are usually powered by tiny 2 stroke engines of between 18 and 28 HP, although I have heard that Yamaha make a 4 stroke version. So, you have a small, lightweight, self contained unit, designed to be handheld.

Native Watercraft have just introduced a human powered propulsion drive (named ProPel) on their canoe/kayak hybrids which is removable, saltwater sealed and weighs 15lbs.

The point which you seem to have missed is that Packrafts are not designed to take the weight, stresses and forces that fitting even the smallest 2 HP outboard motor and mountings will incur. Native Watercraft had to substantially redesign their boats just to cope with a 15lb human powered propulsion unit!

Why not just go buy a Mokai?