Hatchers reed lake to upper Kashwitna

Bored with too much winter still left so I am looking over google earth thinking about trips to take. Has anyone hiked in to the upper Kash from Hatchers pass? Everything looks do-able on G/E (doesen’t it always) like it could be accessed from the reed lake trail. That would be an epic float out to the parks! Any one tried this or at least flown the upper Kash and have an idea if it is even floatable?

I asked this question last summer. Never got to do it, instead did some other trips to get my feet wet (pun intended) in packrafting. :smiley:

Here is the link:


I did this trip last September. Stayed two nights at the Hut on the other side of the Bomber Glacier. Moose trampling vegetation made the bushwhack easy. We put in right where the Bartloff? creek reaches the Kashwitna. Giant waterfall as you get close. We put in right at the confluence only to deflate after a fairly large drop (Class III?). We probably could have kept going but I wasn’t comfortable considering it was the first white water or packrafting I had ever done. We later put in right after the big island. Class II for a few miles then ridiculous meandering slow country. Lots of hunting camps. We took off not far after the little Kashwitna entered the river. My friend flipped his raft and the rapids got much bigger. Big wave trains, multiple hazards, multiple options. It is private land where we hiked out and unfortunately walked around in a circle. Total we hiked like 35 miles and rafted about the same but that includes walking around in a circle, a scouting hike from the hut, and a day hike.