Harley River, Haines Ak

Launch skiff from Letnikov or State park. Head 11 miles south, past Glacier Point. Harley Creek is the drainage for the south access of the Davidson Glacier. Or just the next drainage south from Glacier Point/Davidson. Harley, then Davidson…Clever.

This river is hard to describe. Jake and I ran it end of May and maybe peak of spring run off. It was fast, steep, and boney. It was class II III mostly. Maybe 2 class IV dumps/pour overs not super technical, just stay in the current and brace agains the features that want to flip. I certainly wouldn’t want to swim those sections though. Little could be done to paddle, it was mostly just pushing off rocks as you rammed your way down hill. Pretty good potential for foot entrapment in this creek. At the time we paddled it there were maybe 4 river wide mini tree sweepers. You could boof over or scoot under all of them, but at higher flow maybe not. Eddies are very difficult in this river because of it’s steepness and limited water volume. Think upper Moose near anchorage.

It’s hard to predict what it would look like during fall rain floods, it could build up to where you could paddle and be very fun. Likely it would just be too much water and scary. I’ll let you know in August.

It is always so satisfying to steep creek to salt water.