Hand Paddles

Anyone tried hand paddles?
Go to riveraholic.com to see some.
I have to try these. :smiley:
Go light, right?
Anyone tried these with a packraft, or have any thoughts on the subject?

I have some hand paddles. I bought them a couple of years ago. I only used them once. I tried them out with my Alpaca in a local marine lake. I thought they might be fun and enable me to do some playboat moves! :unamused:

They just didn’t work (at least for me with my basic paddling skills). Enormous effort needed - you have to stretch way over to the side. Possibly easier on a river, with the current, but this was flatwater. Possibly easier in a kayak. But ever hopeful I’m sure in years to come I’ll dig them out and try again! :smiley:

Couldn’t find the link (or at least, I opened the site, but couldn’t find the reference.)

I presume that they are like the webbed gloves I once made to use for liloing down a NZ backcountry river (the year prior to buying an Alpacka). They were green and I apparently looked like Gollum!

If they are like this, then they are really only useful on a lilo/riversled/boogey board, and only if there is no-one around to see you, or you don’t care! With an Alpacka, you need a paddle.