hairtail fishing cowan creek.

Has anyone been hairtail fishing and have you had a go in the raft? Season is on. Thinking walking in from Cowan to Jerusalam Bay. Anyone done this walk, looks short and ok. Anyone have any other short access ideas for the creek?

Hi Dave,

That would be a lovely spot. If I remember correctly that walk is part of the Great North Walk, to Hawkesbury River station? If so I remember that part being really lovely, can’t remember how hard it was, but definitely not too intense. Look forward to seeing some pics if you head down!

All the best,


I lived on Dangar Island for a few years and did a bit of hairtail fishing from time to time, it was always at night and was pre Alpacka days (ie in a tinnie). Good choice of location but watch those teeth on your raft or you may be in for a late night cold water self rescue :slight_smile:


Haven’t had a chance to get up there yet.

Steve, I had actually thought about the teeth but not from a sinking point of view but droping one of those things in the boat between my legs. Was seriously considering straping a light plastic rectangular box to the bow. Don’t know whether it would work but can always have a try.

If you drop a hairtail between your legs you’ll wish that you had straped the plastic box somewhere else?? :slight_smile:

Did a Jerusalem bay trip Friday night. No luck so my tackle is intact. Bit windy. Walked in and out from Cowan train station. Pleasant walk.If nothing else its a bloody nice place to be floating in the boat at dawn.

Whilst licking wounds from a very unsuccessful day on sydney harbour I thought I would brag about my hairtail.

I have had a new moon (no luck) and a full moon (breakfast) trip to jerusalum bay in the last month.

New moon. I did not have enough light with me. Floated about freezing with an LED headtorch. Pitch bloody black. Had troubles finding th get out. Had planned an alnighter but no fish at all and freezing I headed home. If you go out fishing on a moonless night by a good torch, I felt like a loser.

Full moon night. Out floating but losing faith and the swallowind happens. Reel the bugger in and its as prehistoricic and long as th pictures I’ve seen.

Now I got scared. TRex fish (had the moon and a big torch this time) and me and inflatie katey. Once close and in sight I paddled for the shore, jumped in the drink and did it.

As an aside it want as good as tasting as I had been be led to believe.