Guyana's pristine rivers

Just returned from two months in Guyana, exploring the very remote Rewa river (and untouched tributaries) in the center of the country. Not by packraft - I used a canoe and was accompanied by a very experienced Makushi tribesman who used a bow and arrow to fish, played remove-the-hook with several large piranhas, and was an exceptional animal tracker. I filmed rare giant otters, capybara, caiman, the best birdlife I’ve ever seen on any river anywhere, some typically bizarre South American river fish (haimara, giant catfish etc), and enjoyed a river so isolated that it’s a normal occurance to spot tapirs foraging along the banks (I filmed three). Jaguars have been seen here on a reasonably regular basis too. My Amerindian friend and I were the first to ever paddle from the very top - several portages over waterfalls/rapids are required - this is why people don’t come up there - it’s just very hard work. It was an eight day, very serious motorboat trip upriver to get to the start point.

The premiere river guide in Guyana is a fellow named Ashley Holland (check out his Rewa Head website). If you’re interested in the beautiful rivers of Guyana, he’s the man to ask about the country -

I expect to get all my excellent footage from this journey edited and produced into another Remote River Man DVD by around early March. In the meantime, I should have some photos and YouTube videos up pretty soon on the Remote River Man website…

Kevin Casey