Grose River paddle this Sunday 3rd June

Hi Guys,
I am planning to head for a quick trip to the Grose River from Grose Rd near Faulconbridge this weekend. The current plan is to head out to the escarpment and camp late Sat and spend Sunday faffing around and exploring the Grose before heading out the same way in the arvo with the setting sun. I am fairly new to packrafting so would just love to explore some of my options and hopefully find a bit of current or something similar to practice my forwards and backwards ferrying. The weather forecast is pretty average predicting some moderate rain (rain at times) and fairly cold temps.

All welcome, and if you are keen please shoot me a message or put up a post.

All the best,


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Trip report:

I didn’t make it to the Grose, but had a bunch of fun on Glenbrook creek instead.

Hainsey, Joyce and I went down to this section of river on the weekend.
We went down the grose river track. Our intention was to paddle up to Wentworth cave. The plan fell through due paddling and portaging in the heat. We got shy of Linden creek and stoped at a campsite. I went for an explore up to Linden creek. If you’re a walker its bloody lovely.

None of the rocky bits we portaged were runable going downstream. Sorry Idont have river levels.

Walked out Faulconbridge ridge in full sun on a 35+ degree day. Meltdown. The ridge has some ledge/cliff obsticales so i would not recomend a first go in the dark. otherwise great hill.

Heya Dave,

That sounds hot!!When I did this one the first time, it had some rain and was super nice, but after heading down again recently it looks like a bit of a portage fest.

What is the camping like up there? It seemed pretty narrow and woody in most of the places I scouted (but just on a day trip).

The heat smashed us big time.

Hainsey and Joyce slept on a little beach, I slept with my body on sand between 2 rocks and my legs on a rock. Could be worse. Single malt works wonders.

it was under the conditions a bushwalk with a boat rather than a raft trip.

you at table tenis tomorrow?