Grewingk Glacier -- Homer, Alaska

This trip was one of the most fun experiences of my life. My father and I took a water taxi from the spit in Homer across Kachemak Bay to one of the trail heads for the Grewingk Glacier. The hike to the glacier lake is only a couple of miles there are two different routs. We paddled about half way to the glacier our first day and camped at a peninsula in the lake. The next morning we woke up and paddled to the glacier. It is massive. It was nice to be able to paddle around the ice burgs in a protective environment like a lake and not be out in the middle of open water with tourist boats running you over. After a couple of hours around the glacier we went back and broke camp. We then headed for the Grewingk River. I can’t explain how fun this was. Probably class III rapids (but the water was still low for us). I don’t have any pics of the river unfortunately. In an overnight trip we experienced Kachemack Bay, Halibut Cove, glacial paddling, hiking, and river rapids. I can’t wait to do this again.

Nice photos! I particularly like the last one… mud against blue.