Green River Gorge, WA

The Green River Gorge is a western Washington front-country classic with a nonetheless remote feel in-river. It’s an enclosed gorge, about 12 miles long.

River Character: Deep pool-drop, class III and low-IV at normal flows (<3,000 cfs). Crystaline green water, drops w/ big waves and a few pourovers, lots of midstream rocks, eddys, and holes, but no vicious keepers I saw. Big feel to the water, fun & generally pretty friendly, but commands respect (see Hazards).
Segments: Option to run upper gorge (mostly III w/ some low-IV you could portage, scout, or generally sneak & take out at midpoint, run lower gorge (III), or do the whole thing.
Primary Hazards: Timber (not much in the river, but a little), cold swims, some big holes on the upper that wouldn’t necessarily keep you, but would easily flip you & keep a raft. Good ferrying skills, reading the water, & experience recommmended particularly for the upper gorge. The enclosed nature of the gorge means you can’t jump out at necessarily any point you’d choose, and if climbing out, you might find yourself a ways from a road, etc.
Recommended Gear: Front-country cold-water gear, whatever that is for you. Helmet, class III PFD recommended. I recommend have a light rescue / survival kit. Someone could get pretty cold on a long swim.
Literature Available: Lots, both print and probably online. The Green River Gorge is a well-documented front country run.

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A recent reprise (I love this river)
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Fantastic run. More continuous then I expected, AW and this forum were the resources I used. It was running at 1550 cfs and that felt fabulous, I’d imagine it would get pretty hairy at 3000. I boat scouted everything except pipeline and the first ledge.