Green River: A & B Sections, Flaming Gorge Dam

Well if ya’ll haven’t run this one don’t pass it up. Probably one of the better class II+ packraft weekends in the state. It’s got a bit of something for everyone. 7 miles of single track, 15 miles of serene paddling in a steep narrow canyon, world-class fishing, a beautifully restored historic outlaw ranch, and an 8 mile river side hike. Best of all it runs year round and requires no permits aside from a river camp reservation. A veritable Shangri-La….

I’d recommend running this after Oct 15th or before March 15th when the campsites are first come first serve (mark the white board at Little Hole, $13). Note, the single track is closed between Memorial – Labor Day, so Oct is ideal. The “A” section is pretty thick with dory fishermen. Fortunately, very few continue on the “B” section given the long shuttle out to Browns Park.

Lots of options here but this itinerary worked well for a lazy weekend:

Dropped boat and camping gear at the spillway on the way in, drove the car to the 1/2 way point at Little Hole, road the technical single track river trail back up to the dam, paddled out to just before Browns Park, camped, finished paddling the next day and toured the historic John Jarvie Ranch (don’t skip it well worth a visit). Lastly, hiked (~4hrs) back to the car on the river trail that is pretty much completely gone outside of Browns Park but good near Little Hole.

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