Granite Creek July 15, 2012

Floated today and the river is fun, easy, and splashy, probably good for beginners. There are two portages around logjams where the river gets closest to the mountain right before the biggest drop of the entire run. The dogleg turn there is narrow and tricky and the actual sweeper is difficult to see until you are on top of it. Portage early to river left behind the tree parallel to the bank and be aware that the water is deep, with virtually no bank, so you need to have either your raft exit dialed or your river bank alder branch clawing/gripping plan in place, because it’s hard to get out if you miss the tree. We retrieved somebody’s shoe from the wood pile here. So if you’re missing a flip flop, I salute your sense of style and cold water paddling gear - you can find it on the big tree limb.