Granit Creek

Does anyone have any good beta on Granit Creek? Where to put in and a good take out? Has anyone floated it this year, etc.I referring to the one up in Turnagain Pass.

You can put in at Lyon Creek - just south of the Center Ridge Parking lot where dozens of RVs camp all summer long. and you can take out at the bridge just south of Johnson pass. Couldn’t tell you what current conditions are.

Did this June 27 2009 and loved it! A pretty, shallow creek with lots of splashy waves, I think there were 3 sweepers that we easily portaged, and some shallows that required the lift-and-scoot or walk-and-drag technique. Took two dogs that were able to run down the creek most the way, eventually riding in a packraft when they got tuckered out. Put in on Lyons Creek on the left just past Turnagain Pass parking lots as previously described, and took out at the Granite Creek Campground and biked the 5 miles back to get the car. Perfect afternoon trip from Anchorage.