Goodradigbee Trip

Took a mate down the Goodradigbee the other day. Him in a PR…me in a kayak. Great day out for him. Two swims, but it was on the upper limit for PR, unless you are very good paddler. Level was 1.42m at Wee Jasper. It’s around 1.2 at the moment which is perfect PRing territory…Easy grade three, with a few medium threes as well; and lots of it! If anyone is keen, let me know and I’d be happy to make something happen!

Chris P

I am pretty flexible with time at the moment Chris and would be keen to hook up for a paddle? What days can you do in the next few weeks? I am guessing it is being melt feed at the moment?

Matt… you out there?


I hear the call !
I have this Friday ,Saturday & Sunday off.(will be voting early)
From then I am available on the fortnight , same days.
Love to hook up for a paddle.

I can’t do this weekend as I am working but the following I am free. I don’t drive but can get to Civic on the bus. If any Canberra people want I tag along I’d be into it. Every chance if some one is keen at your end I may get someone keen at this end. The Good. Looks great. Mickb are you about?

OK - lets see if we can do something next weekend (14-15th)…I think there’s a little rain on the way too! Maybe Sunday 15? Keep checking the board!

4wd only access (not all wheel drive). I can take three. Cause he can cook good, and I’m always hungry there’s already a seat warmed up for Fish de Jour!

Oh - caveat - I’m happy to collaboratively run safety with the team; but you should be comfortable pack rafting easy grade 3…or swimming it, if you want to come along.

It’ll take us about 3 hours on water I reckon.


I’d be very keen for next Saturday Chris but the Sunday is out for me. I can bring my twin cab 4 x 4 also for moving boats and folks (yes it stinks like dogs so it can’t get worse with a few packrafters in wet gear in it…)

How did you go on the Snowy?

Mad MickB is OS at the moment I think Dave.

Did you fellas get out? I spent a flu weekend. Love. To hear an even simple trip report if you did do something. In, out points and hieghts