Glue velcro to tyvek tape

I experienced a significant tear on my cruiser spray cover - the entire left side and all across the front ripped at/near the line of stitches attaching the velcro and zipper to the fabric. I have repaired the tear with tyvek tape, which seems to have made a fairly positive mend. I need to re-attach the velcro and am wondering if anyone can recommend a good glue that will bond the velcro to the tyvek tape I used to patch the tear under the velcro strip?



So, after experimenting with some scrap tyvek tape and velcro and a couple different glues, essentially nothing sticks, or sticks well to the tyvek tape.
Also after a brief conversation with the Alpacaraft folks, gluing to tyvek is not something they have done or recommend. Their usual practice is to sew tears/repairs on spray skirts. As soon as the water is too low here in Oregon to boat, I suspect that will be the route I go for a more solid fix.
Cheers -

if you want a temporary fix until you can get it sewn, buy some sticky back velcro in the strips and make an extra attachment “flap” out of tyvek tape (doubled over works good), attach the velcro to the tyvek tape using its stick and then staple the velcro to the tyvek tape using a regular paper stapler. youll probably have to crimp the staples after your done but this will hold pretty well.

The other option if you don’t like staples is to create an extra flap of tyvek tape with the sticky side exposed and attach the velcro directly to the tape using the glue of the the tyvek tape. Tyvek tape holds really well and the glue should grab the back of the velcro nicely. Apply pressure and make sure you get it lined up right the first time because you might not get a 2nd try.

I’ve built entire splash guards this way (without stapling) as well as several small backpacking waist belt packs (with stapling).

Good luck.