Glue & home repair kits?

I’ve found lots of info for in-the-field repairs, but have some questions about how best to repair and/or modify a packraft in the warm comforts of a home.

I recently purchased a Yak and two extra tie-down pads. As I wasn’t sure where I wanted the pads placed, I didn’t have them installed by Alpacka and instead figured that I could find whatever glue I needed at our local raft shop (Sidsports, Utah). When I brought the raft in, they weren’t sure what the material was and gave me some MEK, two-part glue and some patch material for PVC rafts. Will this work for the urethane packraft material? The instructions say to scuff the fabric up with sandpaper, clean it with MEK, apply one coat of the glue to each side (raft and tie-down), then apply a second coat and press them together while still wet.


Don’t scuff up the fabric, but do clean both the raft spot and the bottom of the grab loop with the MEK or 99% alcohol.
Make sure you can paddle with your skis attached!

I 'd be carefull with untested glueing. I have had lots of troube with it. After a long search and lots of calls I found PVC glue which claimed being adhesive to PU as well. It was, but the contact glue peeled off when it got hot. I now have no tie downs but uggly spots on my boat :frowning:

I recommend haveing some tests first. Sacrifice two tie downs f.e.


Exactly what I was trying to avoid, as well as having my skis ripped off mid river! Any idea what glue Alpacka uses? I sent them an email, but no reply yet.

Andrew the Alpacka folks will reply, and give you the good oil, I’m sure.

Alpacka previously recommended Clifton 1 or 2 part urethane glue, which I gather is available in the US. In Australia, I used a local urethane glue and it worked fine. There are several previous posts about attaching things to rafts - look back through the packrafting gear section - the one I refer to was posted in about Nov 2007.

Andrew Allan

I ended up using MEK and a two-part urethane glue from our local rafting store and it worked great. The fumes destroyed most of my childhood memories, but it was worth it.