Glenbrook creek

I had half a day to squeeze in a recce on Glenbrook creek yesterday. Knowing the water level was junk didn’t really matter as I wanted to check the setup.
Bit of a ramble here -

As always a great blog entry there Darren, I am going to have to lift my video skills. Looks like it would be a fun little trip with a big gush. G4 is my upper limit I think.


:slight_smile: It was a bit of a joke really but enthusiasm took over. I’m really keen to run it with some water. Have you got the new camera yet?

Yep,2 days ago, a shiny new G12 , been mucking about with it a bit but am yet to take it out for a trip. I am in serious house building mode atm (I am one of those owner builders building a ‘bespoke house’) so no big trips for the next 4 weeks but have numerous paddle/walking/fishing/ picture making trips planned for later in autumn and over winter.

I love the fisheye setting (I am a sucker for cheap and easy thrills), here are a few shots thus far, poor by your high standard but I an inprovement on my low standard.

Stormy Bega sky from my deck.

My sisters Dog - Banjo

Ah yes of course…The flood shots. I thought they had been post edited. Love the shot of Banjo!