Gila Wilderness

The current snowpack in the Gila is looking good. If it holds this spring should be a go. I plan on hiking approx. 10 mi. down Sapillo Creek from highway 15 to the confluence with the Gila River, rafting approx. 25 mi. through the Wilderness to the the confluence with Turkey Creek, hiking approx.10 mi. Over the Diablo range to Mogollon Creek. Rafting approx 12 mi. down Mogollon Creek to the confluence with Rain Creek. Hiking approx.10 mi. up Rain Creek to the Summit of Whitewater Baldy, and the Headwaters of the West Fork of the Gila. Hiking/rafting approx.25 mi. back to the Gila cliff dwellings and Hwy.15 for a total of approx. 95 mi.

Let me know your interested.


Unfortunately the snow pack isn’t what we’d hoped for earlier this winter. I’m guessing there will be one flush sometime in early March but it will run by quickly and not be too big. Have you been on those creeks before? I haven’t lately and haven’t been since being aware of packrafts. But I’m skeptical there’s much up there to run other than the forks and the mainstem of the Gila. I took my friend’s Yak down the wilderness stretch last summer. It was great until I tore a long gash in the floor of the boat and the seat of my shorts. But I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Bring a roll of repair tape with you though.