Getting into Packrafting...and in need of advice!


After beating around the bush for quite some time, I’ve decided to just bite the bullet and get a packraft - woohoo!!

I intend to be undertaking multi-day hiking/touring trips over mostly flat water initially, but am keen to work up to whitewater (~Grade 3) as I have some more adventurous trips I’m eyeing off.

I’ve all but decided to go with the Denali Llama, but trying to work out if it is really worth going for the Cargo Fly optional extra (~$435 by the time it reaches Oz!) - any thoughts? Also, what do people think about Cruiser Deck (leaning toward this option) vs. Whitewater Deck vs. just an open boat??

PADDLES! Finally, I was wondering if there are any good options in Oz as a good introductory allrounder paddle (pref. relatively light/pack down small) that goes alright over the longer flat sections, as well as the whitewater??

Any help is much much appreciated :slight_smile:


Hi Platypus,
Just to let you know Facebook also has a few packraft groups which may be of use- there is a Sydney/NSW; Tasmania; Victoria and NZ page.
I have both yak & lama with cruiser deck- we like this setup as the deck can come off and a kid can be put in :slight_smile: it also gives some warmth and protection from the elements. We paddle grade 2/3 rivers and down to flat stuff. Above this I imagine the whitewater deck would be better. Alpacka now have a self-bailing model which looks interesting too- have not seen it. Likewise Kokopelli rafts are becoming popular and worth a look.

Haven’t got a cargo fly but have heard good things. I imagine they wouldn’t be as useful if you are doing lots of portaging but I’m sure someone with one could give you a better idea.

I got the paddle with the boat but have also bought a breakdown advanced elements one on Torpedo7. I have gpheard of others converting paddles to break down themselves.

Good luck - you won’t regret it they are awesome boats and a great way to enjoy the great outdoors- it opens up so many possibilities.

Ps also keep an eye out for packraft courses if you are interested- canoe Tasmania has been running a few and NSW is trying to as well -no water at the time :frowning:

A packraft is one of the best things i have bought ever. I love the bush and it has taken me new places and in different ways. Dont hold back…i, m in sydney 0418232949 always keen, if you want to see a yak.