Geehi River You Tube

Just logging this link here for those interested specifically in rafting downunder :stuck_out_tongue:


You son of a gun ! Well done.

PS - did you wet a line ?

Andrew, this has got me quite excited. Fish de jour and I fished a Snowy Mts river a few weeks ago (fishing a bit slow) but we were quite keen to get back there another year with rafts under our butts. I see a swathe of ‘first PR’ descents !


Yes we did wet a line. The purpose of the trip was a combined fly-fishing/rafting trip. Although the river was high, brown, and impossible to wade, I did get 6 nice fat little fish up to about 12" out of the lower section. Beyond this there was a lot of pocket water, and it was very difficult to fish. Perhaps when lower it would be better, as I gather there can be some good fish up there. The rafting out was a lot more adrenaline packed than we had anticipated, and we both had swims on the same rock, my raft going off downstream by itself a km or so, before fortunately lodging between 2 rocks.

Have fun,


Good stuff Andrew, some nice white wet stuff, looks like a blast.

As Jules said, we hope to ride the snow melt up that way early next spring, there are many possabilities in that area that need to be explored with the packrafts. So many rivers, so little permission from my wife…


The possibilities from your wife quite reasonably depend on where you are in life.

My gorgeous wife has accepted me being away for 6 weekends per year during most of our child rearing years, albeit one, which was a fair call.
Most of my “weekends” away, however, are now “blown” on our NZ trip each January.

My 4 kids are now between 8 and 18, and I still work on the “6 weekends per year basis”, but this now gets stretched a little bit further.

In saying all this, please note that I don’t travel at all for work, and I don’t go to the footy or play golf at weekends, so, the rest of the time I am home, and Cate does a fantastic job running the rest of my life.

Whilst this might sound "under the thumb"to some, my profession as a GP means that I associate wih a lot of people, and speak a lot about this sort of thing, and I think that our relationship and “6 weekends per year” rule is actually very reasonable, although might vary according to the age of the kids.

Use your weekends wisely. Fish and paddle the best rivers you can do, in the time available…and don’t begrudge our wives - they do a fantastic job looking after us (+/- our kids)


opps , it was only a gag, my wife actually lets me do what ever my heart desires and then some. I fish weekly (often several times a week) and do as many trips as I can find people to do them with (that usually the restriction). We have no kids so it is not really ever an issue .