Gates of Lodore - Packrafting

Hey guys,

Got invited to go on a rafting trip this summer (mid June) on the Green River from the Gates of Lodore down to Split Mountain. Am likely going to go regardless, but wanted to see what folks’ thoughts were on packrafting this stretch. I’m sure it depends a bit on flows, so I was curious of what the different rapids are like at different flow rates (and what is considered “high” water for that stretch).

Any information or suggestions on this float would be greatly appreciated! Would love to be able to take the packraft out =).


Its fantastic. One of the better runs in Utah. My son and I packrafted it end of August last year. There definitely were some spicy sections (Disaster Falls, Hells Half Mile) but nothing unmanageable with moderate flows. Alas sounds you’re going to be hitting it at high flows. Definitely bring the packraft, with a bit of scouting and edge running I bet you could stay in your PR for the entire trip.

Awesome, thanks for the response Dave! Was most of the spicy stuff before or after the Yampa? What do Disaster Falls and Hells Half Mile go at typically? Also, do you remember what your flows were at? Would be nice to compare based on what the flows are at currently.

Thanks again!!

Gates of Lodore is a great packraft run. I’ve been down more than a dozen times (mostly in rafts but a couple packraft trips) during low to mid water levels. The three rapids I recommend scouting are Disaster, Triplet and Hell’s. They could easily be portaged if you are concerned. Disaster is pretty chill, just don’t go in the the big hole at the top of the rapid and if water levels are high, watch for strainers! People have died in strainers mid-rapid on river right. Triplet is super fun and long, watch for the four giant boulders on right river at the bottom of the rapid - the birth canal - stay out of there - I know of one person that died in the undercuts on those boulders. Hell’s Half Mile is pretty intense in an old style Alpacka raft but I imagine with the newer boat designs, it would be much more fun. Have fun!!!

Awesome, thanks madiiax! Same question as above, any comments on what your flows were at? Not sure what qualifies as medium vs high for this guy so just trying to get some perspective. Thanks again for the help!