Gaining experience

After years of wishing I had a packraft, reading and watching all the videos I’ve found, I’ve finally got one! I’ve been practicing like mad in lakes (Eklutna, mainly), getting to know the boat, working on re-entry and back-paddling and that sort of thing. I’m eager to get out on a river and learn more that way, but I know exactly zero people who also packraft (and after my first float trip with everyone else in kayaks, well, I guess you know how that goes) and while I may be adventurous in my solo endeavors, I try not to be downright stupid.

I’m interested in working up to Class IV-V and I know I’m capable, but any suggestions on a good starting point would be much appreciated. And if you’re interested in a trip, my schedule is open until UAA is in session and I’m always up for a good hike. I’m in the Valley, but anywhere is great. Thanks.

chaptersofautumn at gmail dot com

look at Alaska Kayak Acadmey. They have some packrafting classes that are great!
If you are ready for some “easy rivers”
I would suggest:
Little su (from shrock rd to Houston)
Lyon Creek (Turnagain Pass)
Willow Creek (red gate)
Upper Kenai

That will get you going on some rivers.

Thanks for the tips. The sun peeked out today, so I took advantage and ran a bit of Matanuska River, from the top of the River Park (there’s a nice little put-in along the trail) to a couple of miles below the Old Glenn bridge. It was a blast! I got into a couple of the relatively bigger sections, and I was pretty comfortable with them. Hitched back to the park (my favorite form of travel) and did it again, with less mistakes, such as getting stuck in a whirlpool and bottoming out on gravel. I can’t wait to get out again! I love it.