FS: 2016 Alpacka Denali Llama Packraft, Self Bailer, Cargo Fly, Thigh Straps, Extras

This packraft was purchased in 2016. It has been well cared for and is in good condition. It holds air perfectly and there are no leaks or holes. It has minor scuff marks and there are three tiny spots on the floor where the outer plastic has worn to expose the nylon. These are in locations where the floor overlaps the tubes so the fabric is doubled - in other words, these spots are very inconsequential. The cargo fly zipper has been well maintained and has been recently lubed.

The packraft includes a number of extras. The full list is as follows (see photo):

  • Denali Llama (Large) Packraft with cargo fly zip

  • Inflatable floor

  • Standard foot rest

  • Additional small foot rest (heels end up in the water but feet sit lower)

  • Alpacka thigh straps

  • Custom-sewn lightweight backrest

  • Standard inflatable backrest

  • Storage stuffsacks

  • Inflation bag

  • Cargo fly lightweight internal drybags

  • Repair kit

Purchased new, this packraft would cost over $1300 (see photo) not including extra foot rest and the custom backband.

Asking $900 shipped to the lower 48.


Hi, is this still available?