FS: 2013 Fjord Explorer/Denali Llama, with extra floor, backband, seat


I have a 2013 Fjord Explorer (denali llama really…see below) for sale, in excellent condition. No tears, rips, holes, smells, etc…no marks because it was barely used. Floor is still black and shiny. Also comes with a Pachtach system from Alpacka.

This model is right before they changed the fjord explorer to be a “two big butt” design (one forward one aft), so its identical to a denali llama except it has additional tieouts in the middle of the boat to attach a rowing frame, plus it has a detachable fin on the bottom of the boat (so its easier to go in a straighter line on a lake)…I do river rafting so I never used that fin. It also comes with 2 seating options…

a. Kokopelli seat, adjustable back band, and kokopelli floor
b. Original alpacka seat and back pillow, and inflation sack

I really liked the kokopelli setup…it makes the packraft stiffer and warmer b/c of the floor, and the back band was much more comfortable than the “hot dog” style alpacka pillow. You also had extra storage space behind the kokopelli seat.

Retail from Alpacka is $925 + $30 shipping, plus $20 for the pachtach system, and the kokopelli floor is $130, seat $50 and back band $60 plus $20 shipping. Retail total is: $1235.

I am selling this setup for $880 shipped free US. PRICE DROP: $860 shipped

looks great…pm sent.

Still available.

Oh…I forgot to mention in the first post…but it also comes with a pachtach system which is worth another $20.

Price drop!

Pm sent