FS: 2010 Alpaca with Cruiser Deck

FS - Alpacka 2010 alpaca raft with cruiser spray deck and Aquabound Manta Ray Paddle 210 cm.
Raft has been used for around 30 river days and has had one repaired puncture.
The spray deck also has one small easily repairable tear.
includes Alpacka repair kit, inflation bag, spare valve cap and
Ether-Compact6: 2/3 pad

Asking $700.

What country?


Are you willing to split the sale and sell only the paddle? If so, how much?

From the pictures it appears to be a 4 piece fiberglass; correct?

My main interest is in selling the raft. I would be willing to split out the paddle if someone else purchases the raft.

I’d be interested in just the boat possilby, what would you be looking for price wise without the paddle and where are you located?

$650 for the boat without the paddle and shipping from Phoenix, AZ.

Boat still available?

Yes, the listing is still active.

Interested in boat; PM sent.