OK - so I am a highly experienced whitewater kayaker…BUT!..have always hated doing bushwalking trips, and wishing my damn boat wasnt so heavy so I could include kayaking segments on long multi day trips. Enter the packraft!!! So…SUPER KEEN to get one! Or two! So I dont have to go by myself!

I am 6"3", 82kg and wish to carry a 15-20kg overnight/multi day pack. Is the Dalai for me…os a bigger one? And I need a longer paddle than my kayak one I suppose?

I live in Canberra…anyone nearby I can come and try one out before buying?

Any comments/ideas…INVITES!..much appreciated.

Regards, C


I live on the far south coast but come up to Canberra with work occasionally, I would be happy to bring an Alpacka up for you to try or give you a paddle if you are down the coast one weekend?

Alpacka have a sizing section on their website, but I think a Denali Lama (DL) would probably suit you. I have owned an unrigged explorer (UE) for a few years but am thinking I will get a DL this time around as I want to do a little more white water this season and they are better for that kinda paddling. I like the UE for fishing etc as it has a bit more room but it is not as nimble in the bubbles, I have paddled the latest hull design and it is a very funky boat.


Bah! I just left canberra, and i was in a similar position to you, not knowing anyone who had a raft. I am 186cm and the DL is a good fit. Being a bit taller and into white water, i think you def need the DL. And i guess a longer paddle. I will be back on canberra sooner or later and will be keen for trips for sure!