Franklin River, Tasmania - March 2013

Two of us will be heading down the Franklin River in Tasmania from 2-17 March 2013.

If anyone would like to join us feel welcome to PM me with your interest.

It will include a walk up Frenchmans Cap if the weather allows. Will be putting in on the Collingwood River the first day, at the end we will catch the tourist boat back to Strahan and bus to Hobart.

Duncan, what have you paddled before? Paddling background, SWR training? it is a big ask to throw such invites up without any background, not shit stiring just may be intrested in paddling the river but would like to know more about you given the river call?



I’ve paddled rivers in the South Island of New Zealand, the Wilkins River and Buller River up to about grade three. I’ve also been on the Shoalhaven but at low water levels so not a true test.

Out at the Penrith White Water Coarse I’ve also completed their white water course in kayaks, I know they’re not the same thing as a packraft but it gives you white water experience never the less. We also learnt to roll but I haven’t tried that in the packraft yet as I have yet to fit thigh straps.

I have extensively paddled sea kayaks too so have some experience in moving water.

Obviously the Franklin is a serious undertaking and I would expect others to realise that too or otherwise they are kidding themselves.

I do take risk management seriously, I fly a hang glider and paraglider so know the concepts of being responsible for your own safety, you fly with preflight checks and suitable training.

But I do like to have fun and have had some delightful experiences in the outdoors, and am really looking forward to this one.

Cheers, Duncan