Found Packraft on Eagle River

In a sweeper upstream a bit from the NF river access. Found on 6/30.

Let me know if it is yours or you know someone who lost a boat.

I heard someone lost a yellow packraft when they missed the takeout at Echo Bend, I believe a yellow one. It would be great if you could please call the Eagle River Nature Center 907-694-2108 to report the found boat in addition to your post here.

Not yellow, and further down than an Echo Bend lost boat would have traveled. I’ll give the Nature Center a jingle…

I had a renter l;oose a raft on ealge river this year. If you look at the ALPACKA emblem on the raft , mine are identified with and the phone number 907-727-4238 printed arounf the emblem.

Pleas call John at 727-4238

Thank you,

Joh Evingson