Forums Mission & Commercial Policy

In case you hadn’t noticed we recently migrated from to our new server here at

The objective of the forums is to maintain a free and open discussion space for the greater packrafting community, without regard to craft type. The forums are moderated to remove SPAM, trolls, and generally objectionable content.

Commercially-related content deemed objectionable to the community will be removed. If you want to post regarding a product or service, your post should be relevant, fully disclosed, and free of misinformation. If you have a business interest in the matter, PM a moderator first. Moderators volunteer their time and make individual, subjective determinations regarding these criteria.

As the current sole sponsor of the forums, Alpacka Raft LLC voluntarily agrees to abide by the same standards. Moderation is conducted by private individuals. Only statements from Alpacka Raft LLC are official statements from the company.

Please take the time to read our entire Forums Mission & Commercial Policy.


Very Well Done!

Respect to Alpacka Raft for creating Packrafting as we know it today, you made all happen!

Hear, hear! :stuck_out_tongue: