Forager or alternatives

Greetings all,
I’m looking to get a 2 seater plus cargo boat that can handle whitewater.
The obvious contender is the forager, so I’m curious if anyone has hands on experience with it?
The alternatives that come up when searching for a hunting packraft are the PR49 from prestine ventures and a Cub from riverOps boats.
Has anyone laid eyes on those rafts and has a word to say?

I’ve paddled a Forager and Gnu a fair bit.

I’ve seen the PR49 in action. It is a barge – capable of hauling lots of weight, but not really good in whitewater.

I think the Forager is hard to beat. Big, comfy, light, and nimble (for a 2 person boat) in whitewater.

Hey Mike, the Gnu is another great alternative. I’m looking to sell mine and get a 1 person boat but if your still in the market check it out. I’ve done Class 3 in it a number of times and used it as both 1 and 2 person boat.