For SALE: Yukon Yak

For Sale Yukon Yak for $550 shipped in the continental US from Utah.

What shape and color is your yak in? How much are you asking for it?

I’m also interested in the details of the Yak…

Still for trade if anyone knows of one available, I just need a little larger boat.

do you have a spraydeck?

I do not, but if you have one on your boat I would kick in some cash or gear.

I have had my Denali Llama for only 2 weeks and find its a great size if im taking extra camping gear etc but im considering the benefits of a tighter fit for white water paddling. How tall and heavy are you? Are you in Australia?

I am not in Australia, I am 6’1" and I feel the yak is a touch too small for me, especially since I want a skirt on it.
This boat is up for sale now.

So you arent interesting in a swap for a Llama any longer?

possibly, where ya located?

Sorry for late response. Ive decided to keep my Llama. Going to send it back to have the zip off skirt added to it.

Blue Yukon Yak for $550 Shipped.

sent you a pm

what conditions is the boat in, eg how old, how many times used?