For Sale or Trade Small Wolverine

Looking to sell (or preferably trade) my wife’s Alpacka Small Wolverine WWD 420d. Asking $1600 for sale ($2k new with shipping).

We would trade for a Small Self Bailer Wolverine or Small SB Gnarwhal (preferably 420d) in similar condition. My wife just prefers the simplicity and forgiving nature of the self bailer.

Boat was used once on a 5 day trip. Otherwise, like new condition.

If buying, buyer pays shipping.

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For a $400 loss minimum, you should just cut the skirt off and punch the holes in the floor to make it a self bailer. Or send it to alpacka and have them change it to a removable WWD.

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Not a bad option @scott.robert.c.

You could definitely get creative with this in your option in sending it back to Alpacka.

Hello! Is this still for sale? I’m very interested if so. Thanks!

Hello, is this still available? I’m very interested if so!

At that cheap price, it would probably be more cost effective for you to just turn it into a self bailer!