For Sale: Alpacka Mule with whitewater spray skirt and cargo fly

Cedar Green Mule with Whitewater Spray Skirt and In-Tube Storage $900

Defects: 6 tube patches (all pinholes). Aqua seal around zipper for in-tube storage. Zipper still works fine though. Raft holds air well and was tested over 10 hour period.

One small hole on one of the in-tube storage bags. The largest hole was found and patched but a smaller hole still causes a minor air leak. This should not affect the functionality of the raft or in-tube storage system, however, because there shouldn’t be water in the tubes.

Special features:

In-tube storage, includes in-tube storage bags. Check out this link and choose “cargo fly” for more info. But basically you can unzip the boat in the stern, stick two dry bags inside, right next to wear you sit, clip them in, zip up the tube and off you go. It can allow you to carry a larger load in front (check out hunting pic below) and the stuff you put in there will not get wet.

Includes whitewater spray skirt, deck and pex poles. Also, has front end tie-down set-up.

Number of seasons in rental fleet 2.5
Check out this link for pictures: