For sale: 2010 Llama package

I’m headed off to travel for a while, and I’d rather my packraft not sit in a friend’s garage for the next year, so here we go:

2010 Llama (green)
Astral Camino PFD (gray, adult large/extra large)
Aqua bound 4-piece paddle (220 cm)
I have a paddler wetsuit in decent but used condition (large? I’m 6’3" and it fits me well), and a pair of neoprene Warmers gloves to toss in as well.

Bought the raft toward the end of last season with the intention of doing backcountry treks, but I immediately fell in love with whitewater. The hull is scratched a bit from butt-bumps on the bottom, but it’s never taken any significant damage.

I’d really prefer someone take everything, because I’m shedding virtually all of the home-stuff I’m not taking with me. Shipping is possible, but a local Alaska sale would be easiest.

$1000 for everything.

edit - spray deck is included (velcro, port side), and there are six canvas loops on it (which was stock - two on the bow, two just behind, and two on the stern). I do not have the backpack strap from Alpacka. Naturally, the inflation bag and aquaseal are included.

Interested, pm sent.

Still waiting for the pictures, thanks!

Is the raft still available? I am located in BC.

gear sold. thanks.