For Sale- 2008 Yukon Yak

2008 Yukon Yak for sale- Hardly Used at All

I simply want to move up to the Lama so I would consider a trade for a new similarly equipped Lama if there is a partner out there for me.


  1. Blue Yukon Yak w/ 6 grab loops, 2 velcro skegs (like the Fjord Explorer has) and Spray Deck
  2. Green inflation bag
  3. I’d gladly sell my paddle (208cm) as well seperately or as part of a package.

I bought this boat for an extended trip in Prince William Sound, we didn’t use the boats every day so it has 5 days on “flat” water and 2 short river trips under its belt. Tons of Fun and about 98% new, no holes or major scratches to the bottom.

Boat is currently being sent to Alpaca to have 2 of the 6 grab loops installed. They were supposed to be installed but were not so that is being updated.

I’m located in Girdwood/Anchorage, please contact me if interested.



Hello all

I believe I have found someone to trade with…which really is about a perfect outcome. Saves all the messy haggling :slight_smile:


I’ll post if anything changes

Brett Roth

Yak has been traded for a Llama. Very satisfied.

thank you