FOR SALE: 2 2015 Kokopelli Nirvana Packrafts

I have for sale 2 2015 model Kokopelli Nirvana Packrafts. These are great boats, one is w/ deck and one is an open Nirvana. Each raft comes with a patch kit, inflation bag, and the spraydeck raft comes with a sprayskirt harness, plus setup. I would prefer to sell them as a unit but would be willing to sell separately. These were only used for one summer and only on lakes in Montana, no whitewater, so they look practically brand new. We have moved away from nice water so will not be using them. Attached are some photos, let me know if you would like to see more; not sure how good the quality will be on here because I had to resize the images and I have more that aren’t included. The inner length is 48" outter is 74". The inner width is 15.5" outer is 36". The undecked is roughly 7 pounds with the seat and add roughly 1.5 pounds for the decked version which includes the pole and sprayskirt.

Asking $1300 for both or 650 for the decked and 600 for the open. I wanted to post on this site first but will be posting other places soon if no responses here.



I am interested in the Nirvana with the spraydeck you have listed for $650, I know you would like to sell them as a unit however much I want them both the pair is a little out of my price range unfortunately… If you are willing to sell just one please let me know some details about how you would like to do payment and shipping details.


Slightly off topic, but what other places might you try to sell your packrafts? I’m newly in the market for a pair of packrafts (not Kokopelli, though) and would love any tips on where else to look aside from here, craigslist, and ebay.