flyfishing out of your alpacka

looking for reports from anyone who flyfishes out of their alpacka. pros/cons, tips etc. love fishing out of my float tube and am wondering how not being able to use fins effects fishing from an alpacka. thanks

I fish out of my alpaca but not with a fly rod. Mostly Spin fishing with a telescopic trout rod. We have gotten up into lakes you would never be able to carry a float tube plus gear to stay a few days out there. The raft is very comfortable to spend a few hours in at a time on the lakes.

It can be done. I’ve caught trout up to 14" out of the Yak this summer, all on a tenkara rod. The boat spinning around a lot is a nuisance, some sort of anchor would be useful. I’ve also had fish dive under the boat and throw the hook in the process.

A few of us ‘Down Under’ use gthem regularly for fly and spin fishing in estuaries and lakes. No probs. A small mesh deck might be good to minimise fly line clutter in your lap.

Steve (fishdejour) has a small drogue / sea anchor about the size of a sleeping bag stuff sack that quite efectively keeps him on line and minimises spinning when drifting down a slow current.

HI- Trying to figure out how to stop “spinning” in my Alpaca Scout when fly fishing?When I am paddling or casting the boat spins like a top. Does anyone have any suggestions? Unfortunately Alpaca has no great suggestions on how to stop spinning. I have tried “rails” attached to the underside of my boat ( foam pipe insulators which are round tubes) but they did not stop the spinning; perhaps more “triangular” rails shaped like a skeg or rudder might help- anyone have any suggestions on what to use/how to stop the spinning?

When my pack is on the front of my boat it spins way less. I usually have about 30 pounds of gear when i go on a trip. Try adding weight in the front. The wind still blows it a bit though.

Look in the post above yours… use a drogue / sea anchor. Should be able to whip one up in five minutes for about 150 grammes.

Good luck !

I pm’d a link re the old post I did on this subject

There is some Alpacka based fishing info on my blog