Fjord for White Water?

Hello everyone. New here with a question. After lurking around and trying to gather some info about what I want out of a packraft, I had concluded that I would get a Denali with the white water skirt and the flight packer zip installed and that should do everything I wanted. Yesterday I ran across a Fjord with a standard spray skirt and rowing kit for a pretty good price on a local craigslist. Now the Fjord is just a little bigger so I wonder would it still be good for up to class 3 with a set of thigh straps built in or should I hold out for the Denali?

I think the biggest difference you will find is in the bow rocker, or how much the bow lifts off the water. The Llama has 4" of lift and the Fjord has 0". The increased rocker will make paddling whitewater easier as the bow will not get pushed around side to side when you hit waves or holes and rocker helps the boat climb over things like waves and holes plus it is a drier less splashy ride. You could make the Fjord work but it is not necessary designed for whitewater. My opinion hold out for the Llama.

Well I guess I will have to order what I wanted anyhow. Tried to meet the guy to look at it and got hung up at work(never really set a time cause my schedule is crazy, just said I would call when I could leave to meet) called the next day to go meet and the dude told me to pound sand?!!? WTF is with people?